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The aim of this website is to inform about the situation of Roma in Kosovo and Kosovo Roma in Diaspora. Before the war, Kosovo was the home to 120,000 to 150,000 Roma. A first Romani presence in Kosovo has been traced back to the 14th century (1394) in the town of Prizren. Roma in Kosovo enjoyed a comparatively high living standard. They had their own institutions, news papers and theaters. The Roma Mahala in Kosovska Mitrovica was one of the oldest and largest Romani settlements in the region with its own infrastructure.

Kosovo Roma became the biggest “collateral damage” of the nationalist conflict between Kosovo Serbs and Albanians. More than 100,000 Roma were chased from Kosovo in the aftermath of war. Romani settlements such as the Fabricka Mahala in Kosovska Mitrovica and the Roma Mahala in Pristina were burned down and looted in acts of reprisal and retaliation.

Today, the Roma community in Kosovo counts merely a few thousand people. Most of them live in a destitute condition at the margins of the Kosovo society. They have no voice in Kosovo society. Political participation including in the negotiations surrounding the Kosovo status does not exist.

The majority of Kosovo Roma live in diaspora, most of them in Serbia and Montenegro, many in refugee or IDP camps. There are also smaller Kosovo Roma communities in Macedonia and in Bosnia. Eight years after the end of the war, their status as well as the status of many of the ten thousands Roma who escaped to Western Europe is still not resolved.

By creating this website, we want to inform about a community which has fallen into oblivion. We also aim to provide a platform for exchange between Roma from Kosovo hoping that we can still bring about a policy-change necessary to put an end to years of suffering and to restore human dignity.


Romano Them

Akale web rigako maymahatno gendo isi te informishinel tumen pali situacija e Romengiri ani Kosova thay e Kosovo Romenge kaj arakhenape ani Diaspora. Angleder o harpi, Kosovo isine kher 120.000 ji 150.000 Romenge. O yekto Romani prezenca ani Kosova registrinelape ano durutno 1394 bersh.

Roma ani Kosova arakle uche komparativno jivdipaske standardya. On isinelen pere instituciye, theatrya thaj gazete-zhurnalya. Kosovaki Mitrovicaki mahala isine yek kotar majbaro thay majpurano Romano jivdipasko than ano regioni, yek than pere infrastruktura.

Kosovake Roma ule maybari “koleteralno bilachipa” nacionalno konfikteske mashkar Kosovake Srbya thaj Albancorya. Pobuter 100.000 Romenda isine paldime kotar Kosova palo harpesko fundipa. Romane jivdipaske thana sar soy Fabricka Mahala ano Kosovaki Mitrovica thaj Romani Mahala ani Prishtina isine tarde ji ki puv thay chorde sar yek inaribasko-revanshiribasko akti.

Majbuter Kosovake Roma jivdinena avrijal e Kosova-diyaspora, maybut akalestar ani Srbija thay Montenegro, ano nashle manushenge kampya. Egzistirinela tikni grupa Kosovake Romegi ano Makedonia thay ani Bosna. Ohto bersh palo Kosovako harpi, lengoro statusi thay statusi hiladancar manushengo ani sasti Evropa ji avdive nane lachardo.

Avdive, Romano komuniteti gengyola ano jek tikno numero (20.000). Pobuter lenda jivdinena ano chorolikane kondiciye ano maytele margine e Kosovake amalipaske. On nanelen avazo ano Kosovako amalipa. Politikaki participacija pangli Kosovake statuteske vakeripa na egzistirinela.

Kreaciya-keripa akale web rigako, manga te da informaciya palo yek komuniteti kova pelo ano bisteripa. Amen manga te da platforma e promipaski mashkar e Kosovake Romenge, kote gendina kay ka ana politika promipaski koya mangelape te chivel fundo bershenege kola nakle ano cidipa, thay te vazda uchipe manushikano, odote kote perela lesko than.


Romano Them

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